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New album, The Blueprint (J. Braden, K. Colina & C. Self), by No Broadcast. Recorded 2015 by Josh Braden and Kieran Colina at Dilana Rugs in Christchurch, additional recording at Josh's home. Engineered by Thom O'Connor, Mastered by Chris Graham.

Hailing from Christchurch, NZ, No Broadcast’s impressive mixture of atmospheric, ambient and drone qualities are not easily described without witnessing them first hand. The three-piece Sonic/Post-Rock group’s use of ‘filmic’ textures may be reminiscent of HDU, Jakob and Kerretta, yet their influences span across all spectrums of Rock, Alternative and Electronics past.

Originally performing under the moniker Anthesiac, the newly christened No Broadcast, spent most of 2014 touring the country in support of their genre defying self-titled debut. Establishing themselves as a formidable act both live and on record, their lengthy nationwide release tour did little to dispel rumours that No Broadcast were indeed one of the most creative, versatile and punishingly loud acts in the country.

Upon their return to the garden city No Broadcast got straight back into the studio to record their second studio album titled The Blueprint, released December 2015. Although their new material continues the vast atmospheric and ambient qualities No Broadcast are best known for, ‘The Blueprint’ delves headfirst into the experimentation of new instruments and recording techniques resulting in a expansive, dynamic album one minute laden with soft textures, the next a brutalising ‘in your face’ sonic wall-of-noise.

After another exceptional year of touring No Broadcast have begun work on their third studio album with plans to release and tour in autumn 2017.

No Broadcast - The Blueprint

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